growing boy & black beauty

hey! I finally finished my 10 comic for the french fanzine themalicious!
truth be told I don't wanna draw anything anymore 'till christmas.
but then who would drawing some kinky stuff for you guys?! enjoy!


November 'Stache

I am busy. really.

this month I have already started a crusade with Y!, adopted a kitteh and grown a stache.
the latest being related to Movember the association against prostate cancer. get checked guys (seriously, if you're wanking to my drawing, a finger in your bum isn't gonna hurt you and it could save your life).
At the moment I am finishing a 10 pages comic for the amazing french fanzine Themalicious. here is a little preview of my work Ali Bukkake and the 40 rapists!

and I am also working on stuff for you obviously! stay tuned I'll be back by the end of the month!


Fuck Y! Gallery

Title pretty much sums it up. Y!Gallery can go hang.
I recently got reported for violation of Y! ToS because of that work:
now, guess why I've been reported?
I received a notification stating that I indeed violated Rule#1.
Rule#1 states that all characters must be male and present male body feature.
Riiiiight... at that point I started to giggle nervously and my left eye started twitching.
before going on a homicidal rampage I decided to wrote to the mods to get the answer to that simple question: "the fuck?!"
and here is what I received:

"I checked into your case and the problem is not that he is considered feminine, the problem stems from the side view of the character where his pecs resemble rounded breasts which is currently a violation of rule 1c. I'm truly sorry, I know this is very frustrating, but until the rule changes are approved by our site owner, Asiandude, and we are told differently, we must follow the rules as they are currently written."
that's pretty much the face I made

That answer, my dear friends, implies, at best, that Y! mods are moronic and at worst that Y! is bullying artists out of their website. That also means that half of my works could get deleted from Y! for the same reason, that submitting further work of the same nature would be a game of russian roulette and that Y! staff do not give a flying fuck about being unfair to artists. Well, congrats Y! I'm not submitting anything anymore on your site and I do hope you'll hit rock bottom soon.

I therefore declare Bring Out The Meat my official den. (and the creation of the Ygallery sucks and rant labels).
Yay! go me!


yeah right! proportions!...

why bother with proportions when you can get super freakish massive pecs? (or arms? or dick? or legs?)
I love unproportional behemoths!
well I had a tough time drawing this one.
I've been resketching it regularly during months and when I decided to finish it I redrew loads of stuff and tweaked plenty of things before I felt half satisfied.
so guys (or girls?*), just between us, massive muscle freak lovers what do you think of unproportional muscle monsters?
*if you're a girl and you're lurking on my blog do let me know! :)