Testosterone Overdrive.

I finally finished a work I started more than a year ago.
I think I'll even create a "hair" tag 'cause I don't always draw hair, but when I do it's a f*cking carpet!


Commissions, Sketchbook and Work in Progress

well, the title pretty much sums it up: a commission, a sketchbook extract and a work in progress.


First person view of Shug

 My work on Shug is now quite advanced.
I got a lot of drawing projects featuring that giant badass wanker.
Here is a quicky.



When I came home a month ago I thought about closing this blog but thought better of it; Some people need their fix.
I'm currently having problems with the Voodude, it seems I can't draw him anymore, all my sketches of him are screwed. He'll be back at some point.
Right now I'm focusing on a new character, Shug Mc Bollocks.
Bad-Ass, Giant and Capricious Crybaby.
Here is a first peek.


New Skin

I decided to get the blog a new skin.
Hope you like it, let me know about it.
I also decided to ad those small tickboxes at the bottom of each post.
It almost look like a decent blog. ^^
Anyway, here are two more drawings I did in the past few months.
Brand new stuff coming soon.


missed me?

Sorry I haven't been very active lately.
here are two of my recent work (they've been on Y! for quite a while now).
Much more freaks are on their way. Soon. Promise.