I got the idea for those two drawings while at the gym.
I was in the lockeroom, about to go grab a shower.
Next to me was a cute guy, athletic bur very slim and short about to take a shower too.
When barges in the most annoying gymrat I've ever seen.
Around 19 year old, over 6', massive but totally dumb, hopelessly pig-faced and unervingly disrepectful.
(I sincerly hope he never gets a chance to breed).
He undresses to go to the showers, not bothering to hide his ugly little willy in the process, looks at the guy next to me and utter the lamest and meanest wisecrack he can manage:
"your shower'll be over soon, there is not much surface to wash"
at that point the guy next to me takes off his undies lets out one of the biggest soft cock I've ever seen (huge). He looks at the meathead and answers:
"sorry to disappoint you but there is"
The look on the bully's face was priceless, angry and green with envy. I almost bursted out laughing.
And that's how I came up with those:



150 000 pageviews!
thanks everyone, here is an exclusive artwork, just for the blog:


Ginger Hunk & Kiriban!

I thought to myself that I'd do a Kiriban for the 100K view.
I missed it so told myself I'd do it for the 150K view, and guess wht, I reached that milestone!
So it's kiriban time!
But before Have some ginger beefcake (with or without hair you pick):

And some giant as well:


Muscle Chart

Recently I've been asked several times for tips and advice on drawing muscle freaks.
So I made a muscle chart. Use it with a musculature anatomy chart like this one and voilà!
That should provide you a good basis.


Good News!

First, I finally started the Shug vs. Voodude Comic. Yes, I did, no lies!
It'll take a few weeks to complete it but it's on its way.

The other good news is that I came across the enormous penis problems tumblr.
Silly but funny nonetheless. It gave me the idea to create Leo.
A young man with a penis soooo huge that it gets him in lots of troubles.
If you have ideas about the problems he might encounter, share them in the comments.
I'll pick my favorites to make the next drawings.