Big & Bad

I finally made it!
the Voodude vs. Shug comic is done.
I know it's been a while and I know I said I'd do backgrounds and backstory and stuff.
But I had a lot of things going on and I could not do it by myself the way I wanted.
That comic is quite raw. but I hope you'll enjoy it.


More Giant! More Leo! and Comission (edit: even moar Leo!)

I've been doing commissions for quite a while on Y!
I thought it would be fair to let you guys know it!
If you're interested just email-me and I'll send you all the details.
( bringoutthemeat@gmail.com )

Now that it is said, MORE GIANTS:

And since he seems quite popular, MORE LEO:



copyright infringement, that's what's for breakfast! (edit)

That's a pretty fucked up way to start a friday.

Here I was having a lovely breakfast for my last day of work, sipping a cup of Wild Cherry Black tea with Corn Bread Toast, looking through mails, notification, friends request, russian brides and viagra scam when I notice some private message on Y! about copyright infringment... (once again, thank you guys for telling me).

Someone uploaded my works on DeviantArt! Without asking me! On a page full of "hey check out my new serie!1!1!1 Hope u like it!kthxby" "wanna RP" and using some random corbin fisher beefcake as a DeviantID picture ("it's a me mario whateverhisname... let's RP!")...
(I am a bit caricatural but you get the picture).

So yeah I'm pissed off. I never uploaded my work on D.A. cause I think it's too porny and it look like D.A. is not as permissive as Y! on that point. So imagine my surprise...

Next step is sending a PM to that son of a bitch asshole chicken raper uncivic person and reporting each and every of MY artwork on HIS gallery and justifying that I fucking OWN the COPYRIGHT and NEVER gave MY autorisation! It's time consuming and annoying and it FUCKED UP MY BREAKFAST!

Sorry about the rant but letting the steam off is nice.

After 6 reports from my hand and some other people, private message and comment on his wall, the DeviantArt account of that guy/girl/whatever has been desactivated.

in conclusion I want to thank that moron for making a fool of himself and making me waste time and energy.

Dear ArtWorkThief,

Next time you want to rip off someone's work think about it 'cause the time I spent chasing after you wasn't spent on artworks.
I hope you (whoever you are) break a leg.

Yours truly, Rent.


Japanese Censorbar Tribute

Everything is in the title!

and the full sized uncensored version: