Happy New Year!

The title say it all. All the best for the upcoming year!


one last musclehead before 2012

I'm quite proud to finally finish something related to my hyper-muscle-fetish-thing. Lately I've been working a lot with traditional tools on things that are not related to the sexy freaks posted here.
Anyway, dear lurkers, I'm not forgetting you and I wish you all a fantastic year 2012.

Rent's new year resolutions
-Finish one of the many Shug related artworks I started.
-Do muscle freaks with traditional tools.
-Do a muscle growth comic.
-Post more often.

I hope you all have a wonderfull new year's eve and a great year ahead!


Testosterone Overdrive.

I finally finished a work I started more than a year ago.
I think I'll even create a "hair" tag 'cause I don't always draw hair, but when I do it's a f*cking carpet!


Commissions, Sketchbook and Work in Progress

well, the title pretty much sums it up: a commission, a sketchbook extract and a work in progress.


First person view of Shug

 My work on Shug is now quite advanced.
I got a lot of drawing projects featuring that giant badass wanker.
Here is a quicky.



When I came home a month ago I thought about closing this blog but thought better of it; Some people need their fix.
I'm currently having problems with the Voodude, it seems I can't draw him anymore, all my sketches of him are screwed. He'll be back at some point.
Right now I'm focusing on a new character, Shug Mc Bollocks.
Bad-Ass, Giant and Capricious Crybaby.
Here is a first peek.


New Skin

I decided to get the blog a new skin.
Hope you like it, let me know about it.
I also decided to ad those small tickboxes at the bottom of each post.
It almost look like a decent blog. ^^
Anyway, here are two more drawings I did in the past few months.
Brand new stuff coming soon.


missed me?

Sorry I haven't been very active lately.
here are two of my recent work (they've been on Y! for quite a while now).
Much more freaks are on their way. Soon. Promise.


Random guys for a random post

I haven't posted in a while. 
Unfortunately That does not mean that I have a full time internet connexion again.
I'll try to post more frequently from now on; but as long as I'm in the U.K. it might be a bit complicated.

Any way here is a bunch of recent drawings, inspired by some of the very sexy british lads I've seen those last three month.

clic to enlarge and enjoy.


I'll be back.

Just two sketches before leaving for England (new job! yay!). I don't know for how long the blog'll be off but I hope I'll be back soon.


I'll be back.


don't pay me any attention I'm just passing by..

Drawing macro is all fun and game until you realize you have to draw a background...


Pretty in Pink

Just a quick little something.
It was just a doodle in the corner of a sketchbook and I reworked it.
Enjoy ^^


That wasn't Valentine's Day candies...

Since I bought a new sketchbook and a lot of china ink pens I felt like doing it "traditional".




Valentine's Day teaser

Valentine's Day is coming and so is the little extra I announced... Here is a little teaser of what is to come


need. heath.

Winter is raging outside and I feel like going the spa downtown, with a 20°c swimming pools, a jacuzzi, a vast gym and a hammam and sauna... but due budget cut down, a thick hoodie and a cup of tea will have to do...

Click on the pic below to see the Making Of:


Sex on the Beach

Finally! My first sex scene between those two! I sketched a lot of position and finally decided to emphasize their size difference for a nice Doggie Style on the beach.
I also tried to use custom brushes for the colors, I'm far from what I was aiming at but I'm style learning ^^

Coming soon: a Valentine's Day special feature (a fabulous occasion to spread my hatred of that Holliday)


more old work, what a surprise!

No Voodude this time but random artworks... well not so randoms since they are organized in three categories which happens to be themes this blog will regularly feature.
I obviously work a lot of other things but I tend that those particular theme are not enough developed.

#1 Hunks, Hyper and Unproportional Muscles
I love meat on guy... that's no scoop. from an average athletic guy to an hyper freak I like almost everything. But when it come to draw I really enjoy toying with proportions and impossible size...

Sketches vs. Final Work

I confess: I have a thing for redheads too (freckles are soooo cute).

#2 Size Difference, Giants and Macro
Taller guy are a real turn on (and since I'm 5'7 I'm easily happy ^^). That's why I love couples standing different heights, giants and macros.

B-sides and Sketchbook

 I'm uploading more "old works" and more Voodude related works such as pinups request and sketchs. I promise that new works are on their way. One nice thing about the blog is that I don't have to worry about publishing sketches so this entry is featuring a little extra never seen on Y!
Clic to enlarge and enjoy.

One of my first work made with illustrator. now that I watch back on them I'm not pleased by it. the inking is clean and precise but it smoothes everything, it looks static and the Voodude face is...well... flat.

At first it was a simple pinup for the 5 000 page views kiriban (inspired by one of the guys in my gym I confess) but as my work on the first of the Voodude sidekicks progressed I thought he would nicely fits the part. and so Ansgar was born.

a request happily made for Huyu... to be continued... maybe^^

that work was made to celebrate the 20 000 page views on y!

Useless informations about the Voodude Serie:

Bonus : The sketchbook extracts (including an exclusive one yay!)


Previously on the Voodude Serie

Missed an episode? here are the 3 Voodude comics...
clic to enlarge

-Part One-

-Part Two-

-Part Three-