hurry up and leave 2012...

I hope you guys had a wonderful Xmas. Mine was shitty.
but at least I finally got a new tablette! I have been using my old one for five years and though it's an amazing tablette it was starting to show signs of decay:

the new one is super futuristic and it has shitload of captors, buttons and stuff!
here is the first work I did with it:

 in case you're wondering, I am still open commission. the link is on the top right corner of the page.
I can't wait to use my new toy!


This the season...

Before I leave for a few days I thought I'd share those commissions.
It's the first time I cross kinky stuff and fanart and I'm really pleased with the result ^^


Something is in the way!

I suppose I can't be too long without drawing a little something.
It's amazing IRL the number of guy that seem to be playing with their bluges when they are doing biceps curls. here my view of the thing:


By the way, I am taking commissions! It's cheap! it's fast! and it's fap-ulous! Everything is detailed on the commission page! link to the commission page! or you can clic on the pic in the top right box!