more than expected

No big muscles today. But a nice cock growth sequence!


with or without...

I cant decide if wrestling singlets are sexy or ridiculous...
So I made one with...

And one without...


random stoopid post

Behold the Rare and Magnificent Bearicorn!


Big bro, bigger bro. All Grown up

I just could not resist aging them a little.


Big bro, Bigger bro. (edit)

after that one I'm back on the comics. promised!
by the way, the link to full size drawing in the previous post is repaired!

(edit: I added some hair on the big bro!)


Serves him right + bonus (edit)

It was supposed to be a simple drawing of a hyper muscular guy flexing, the usual.
I added the little brother and replaced the weight by the bully.
and finally I adde the daddy.
I'm quite proud of that one, it's highly fapable.
And just for the blog I put a fully naked version of the big bro!

 The picture below should be available in full size now!