hurry up and leave 2012...

I hope you guys had a wonderful Xmas. Mine was shitty.
but at least I finally got a new tablette! I have been using my old one for five years and though it's an amazing tablette it was starting to show signs of decay:

the new one is super futuristic and it has shitload of captors, buttons and stuff!
here is the first work I did with it:

 in case you're wondering, I am still open commission. the link is on the top right corner of the page.
I can't wait to use my new toy!


This the season...

Before I leave for a few days I thought I'd share those commissions.
It's the first time I cross kinky stuff and fanart and I'm really pleased with the result ^^


Something is in the way!

I suppose I can't be too long without drawing a little something.
It's amazing IRL the number of guy that seem to be playing with their bluges when they are doing biceps curls. here my view of the thing:


By the way, I am taking commissions! It's cheap! it's fast! and it's fap-ulous! Everything is detailed on the commission page! link to the commission page! or you can clic on the pic in the top right box!


growing boy & black beauty

hey! I finally finished my 10 comic for the french fanzine themalicious!
truth be told I don't wanna draw anything anymore 'till christmas.
but then who would drawing some kinky stuff for you guys?! enjoy!


November 'Stache

I am busy. really.

this month I have already started a crusade with Y!, adopted a kitteh and grown a stache.
the latest being related to Movember the association against prostate cancer. get checked guys (seriously, if you're wanking to my drawing, a finger in your bum isn't gonna hurt you and it could save your life).
At the moment I am finishing a 10 pages comic for the amazing french fanzine Themalicious. here is a little preview of my work Ali Bukkake and the 40 rapists!

and I am also working on stuff for you obviously! stay tuned I'll be back by the end of the month!


Fuck Y! Gallery

Title pretty much sums it up. Y!Gallery can go hang.
I recently got reported for violation of Y! ToS because of that work:
now, guess why I've been reported?
I received a notification stating that I indeed violated Rule#1.
Rule#1 states that all characters must be male and present male body feature.
Riiiiight... at that point I started to giggle nervously and my left eye started twitching.
before going on a homicidal rampage I decided to wrote to the mods to get the answer to that simple question: "the fuck?!"
and here is what I received:

"I checked into your case and the problem is not that he is considered feminine, the problem stems from the side view of the character where his pecs resemble rounded breasts which is currently a violation of rule 1c. I'm truly sorry, I know this is very frustrating, but until the rule changes are approved by our site owner, Asiandude, and we are told differently, we must follow the rules as they are currently written."
that's pretty much the face I made

That answer, my dear friends, implies, at best, that Y! mods are moronic and at worst that Y! is bullying artists out of their website. That also means that half of my works could get deleted from Y! for the same reason, that submitting further work of the same nature would be a game of russian roulette and that Y! staff do not give a flying fuck about being unfair to artists. Well, congrats Y! I'm not submitting anything anymore on your site and I do hope you'll hit rock bottom soon.

I therefore declare Bring Out The Meat my official den. (and the creation of the Ygallery sucks and rant labels).
Yay! go me!


yeah right! proportions!...

why bother with proportions when you can get super freakish massive pecs? (or arms? or dick? or legs?)
I love unproportional behemoths!
well I had a tough time drawing this one.
I've been resketching it regularly during months and when I decided to finish it I redrew loads of stuff and tweaked plenty of things before I felt half satisfied.
so guys (or girls?*), just between us, massive muscle freak lovers what do you think of unproportional muscle monsters?
*if you're a girl and you're lurking on my blog do let me know! :)


Monster Chav

It took me a while to finish that one.
hyper muscle giant chav! yummy!


HSmuscleboy Tribute

I wanted to do that for a loooooong time.
HSmuscleboy is one of the artist that had huge influence on me.
His works have been one of my first and favorite fapping material.

I miss seeing new works of him.
anyway thanks man for all the amazing art you left all over the web.
and here is a super hung cheap bad boy. enjoy!


young and big

Young guys turning into monsters can be such a turn on...


Introducing VooDaddy & Bonus

Here is a short comic commissioned by Muscle4life. Enjoy!

Ginger Bonus!


Big & Bad

I finally made it!
the Voodude vs. Shug comic is done.
I know it's been a while and I know I said I'd do backgrounds and backstory and stuff.
But I had a lot of things going on and I could not do it by myself the way I wanted.
That comic is quite raw. but I hope you'll enjoy it.


More Giant! More Leo! and Comission (edit: even moar Leo!)

I've been doing commissions for quite a while on Y!
I thought it would be fair to let you guys know it!
If you're interested just email-me and I'll send you all the details.
( bringoutthemeat@gmail.com )

Now that it is said, MORE GIANTS:

And since he seems quite popular, MORE LEO:



copyright infringement, that's what's for breakfast! (edit)

That's a pretty fucked up way to start a friday.

Here I was having a lovely breakfast for my last day of work, sipping a cup of Wild Cherry Black tea with Corn Bread Toast, looking through mails, notification, friends request, russian brides and viagra scam when I notice some private message on Y! about copyright infringment... (once again, thank you guys for telling me).

Someone uploaded my works on DeviantArt! Without asking me! On a page full of "hey check out my new serie!1!1!1 Hope u like it!kthxby" "wanna RP" and using some random corbin fisher beefcake as a DeviantID picture ("it's a me mario whateverhisname... let's RP!")...
(I am a bit caricatural but you get the picture).

So yeah I'm pissed off. I never uploaded my work on D.A. cause I think it's too porny and it look like D.A. is not as permissive as Y! on that point. So imagine my surprise...

Next step is sending a PM to that son of a bitch asshole chicken raper uncivic person and reporting each and every of MY artwork on HIS gallery and justifying that I fucking OWN the COPYRIGHT and NEVER gave MY autorisation! It's time consuming and annoying and it FUCKED UP MY BREAKFAST!

Sorry about the rant but letting the steam off is nice.

After 6 reports from my hand and some other people, private message and comment on his wall, the DeviantArt account of that guy/girl/whatever has been desactivated.

in conclusion I want to thank that moron for making a fool of himself and making me waste time and energy.

Dear ArtWorkThief,

Next time you want to rip off someone's work think about it 'cause the time I spent chasing after you wasn't spent on artworks.
I hope you (whoever you are) break a leg.

Yours truly, Rent.


Japanese Censorbar Tribute

Everything is in the title!

and the full sized uncensored version:



I got the idea for those two drawings while at the gym.
I was in the lockeroom, about to go grab a shower.
Next to me was a cute guy, athletic bur very slim and short about to take a shower too.
When barges in the most annoying gymrat I've ever seen.
Around 19 year old, over 6', massive but totally dumb, hopelessly pig-faced and unervingly disrepectful.
(I sincerly hope he never gets a chance to breed).
He undresses to go to the showers, not bothering to hide his ugly little willy in the process, looks at the guy next to me and utter the lamest and meanest wisecrack he can manage:
"your shower'll be over soon, there is not much surface to wash"
at that point the guy next to me takes off his undies lets out one of the biggest soft cock I've ever seen (huge). He looks at the meathead and answers:
"sorry to disappoint you but there is"
The look on the bully's face was priceless, angry and green with envy. I almost bursted out laughing.
And that's how I came up with those:



150 000 pageviews!
thanks everyone, here is an exclusive artwork, just for the blog:


Ginger Hunk & Kiriban!

I thought to myself that I'd do a Kiriban for the 100K view.
I missed it so told myself I'd do it for the 150K view, and guess wht, I reached that milestone!
So it's kiriban time!
But before Have some ginger beefcake (with or without hair you pick):

And some giant as well:


Muscle Chart

Recently I've been asked several times for tips and advice on drawing muscle freaks.
So I made a muscle chart. Use it with a musculature anatomy chart like this one and voilà!
That should provide you a good basis.


Good News!

First, I finally started the Shug vs. Voodude Comic. Yes, I did, no lies!
It'll take a few weeks to complete it but it's on its way.

The other good news is that I came across the enormous penis problems tumblr.
Silly but funny nonetheless. It gave me the idea to create Leo.
A young man with a penis soooo huge that it gets him in lots of troubles.
If you have ideas about the problems he might encounter, share them in the comments.
I'll pick my favorites to make the next drawings.


more than expected

No big muscles today. But a nice cock growth sequence!


with or without...

I cant decide if wrestling singlets are sexy or ridiculous...
So I made one with...

And one without...


random stoopid post

Behold the Rare and Magnificent Bearicorn!


Big bro, bigger bro. All Grown up

I just could not resist aging them a little.


Big bro, Bigger bro. (edit)

after that one I'm back on the comics. promised!
by the way, the link to full size drawing in the previous post is repaired!

(edit: I added some hair on the big bro!)


Serves him right + bonus (edit)

It was supposed to be a simple drawing of a hyper muscular guy flexing, the usual.
I added the little brother and replaced the weight by the bully.
and finally I adde the daddy.
I'm quite proud of that one, it's highly fapable.
And just for the blog I put a fully naked version of the big bro!

 The picture below should be available in full size now!