happy valentine's day

I confess I hate Valentine's Day.
But that's no reason not to wish you to get fuckloads of love and meat.
I hope you all have a great day.


Busy Vol.2

 Here is the second round of commissions.
hope you'll enjoy them.
I'm working on a valentine's day special ^^
I'll post it later this week (on the 14th obviously)


♥ DPhenix

I suppose that if you visit my blog on a regular basis, you're aware of the existence of the awesomely awesome DPhenix. We do share some tastes ^^
His works are amongst my favorites and I was thrilled to get to work with him.
We had a fun time working on a common subject and I'm glad to share the results with you.
you'll find more of DPhenix's amazing works here. Enjoy!