Promo and Projects

(english version just under)
Themalicious vol.5 sors bientot et devinez qui à fait la couverture... (je suis trop fier)
5 BD exclusives (dont une de moi) et une petite foutrée d'illustrations autours du thème des cours avec des artistes franchement sympa. du cul et de la bonne humeur.
Je ne saurai que trop vous conseiller de mettre la patte dessus! même si vous ne venez sur mon blog que pour des les verges démesurées et les muscles à outrance, vous pourriez avoir une bonne (et grosse) surprise... ;) tout les détails sur le forum de Themalicious.
The 5th issue of Themalicious is about to be released! and guess who did the cover... (yeah! check me out!)
5BD exclusives comics (including one made by yours truly) a handfull of nice artwork on the theme of studies. a nice and funny fapping material if you speak french...
By the way, if what you like about my art is massive muscle and hyper wang you might be in for a nice surprise ;) all the details on the Themalicious forum


I'm still dealing with a bunch of drama on a daily basis (especially with my job) but at least I have the time to draw. so back to muscle and hyper art!

I've been browsing through my unfinished works and decided to try and finish them. for exemple that fanart of HSmuscleboy has been a sketch on my harddrive for like... years...

I got a few more artworks up my sleeve. I'll publish them soon.

I'll get a new computer soon. One that'll work with Windows so I'll get to experiment with 3D and Flash (I can't find the right software for mac). I had a collaborative flash project going a while ago (see the sketch just under) I worked a lot on it and I'd like to try and finish it.
anyway don't get your hopes high I don't know if I'll be able to do anything decent out of flash.


  1. Woah, that HSmuscleboy fanart is awesome! Hope everything will go well for you; love this stuff!

  2. Heureux de te retrouver :)

    1. heureux de me remettre "au travail" ^^

  3. Sympas, tous ces nouveaux projets ! J'espère que ça va mieux.

    1. ça va, avec un peu de chance ça ira encore mieux dans pas longtemps.
      j'espère pouvoir montrer mes projets bientot

  4. When are you going to make more of your art?

  5. I've been working on a story thread where a civilization's food source is processed sperm (into fake hamburger, scrambled "omlets", bacon, milk, etc.) The "food" is absolutely necessary and maintains the super vitality of the all male populace, but the quality diminishes among long time resident donors.. In one storyline, most of the island residents have been placed into short term hibernation, hoping a couple of battalion of men will arrive in time to save the populace. Unfortunately, the battalion is lost in a storm and only three men make it to the island. The technology of the island amplifies the three men to produce hundreds of times more sperm than they otherwise would...with the side effect closely matching your panels of drawing... and saving the island residents.