What do I do with that...

I started sketching new stuff yesterday. and I came up with a nice sketch.
The thing is I have no idea o what to do with it.
I tried various things and frankly I don't know.
I ended up with a few sketches so I thought I'd share and ask for your opinions and ideas.

and here is a set of commissions about size transfer I did recently.


  1. aha! j'adore le coup de la cravate coincée entre les pecs! bien trouvé!

  2. What did they both look like before the spell?

  3. Well you can tell the brown guy had a big cock before the blond stole most of the size- then the blond stole the bulk too. But i must say the brunette looks kinda cute at the end. And Rent, Check your e-mail for a short story based on your sketch dump- perhaps it could be made into a comic...

  4. Make another Muscle Growth :).

  5. The sketches that you're unsure what to do with, the far left guy "fuck yeah more" strikes more as another extreme case of using voodoo pills. The far right though with the backwards hat, I could see that being an unexpected growth like a student growing and learning to love it.

  6. Super hot! Love the cock shrinking! FANTASTIC!